Television? The word is half Greek, half Latin. No good can come of it. - C. P. Scott

Given that most of the sites I am responsible for are connected to television, and none of them are morally or legally sound, no good has come from it through me, anyway.

Dolores' Domain
Where all of my fanfic can be found, DD is an unholy union of Buffy and Doctor Quinn: Medicine Woman (only without Jane Seymour). Contains slash for the Buffyverse, Star Trek: Voyager, X-men: the Movie and sundry other media.

Incredibly Pale
They were the prettiest boys on Buffy and I wanted to see them have wild monkey sex. Sadly the writers didn't oblige on-screen, but I found several authors who shared the fantasy, and collected their works there.

JOYFFA (with Faithtastic)
The site of which I am most proud, JOYFFA is our shrine to Buffy's Joyce Summers and the actress who plays her, Kristine Sutherland. Devotion bordering obsession, with design by Pam and the bulk of the content by me.

Clotted Cream
Devon MacLeish was the lead singer of Oz's band on Buffy and a character quite ludicrously minor. But he was also very pretty so it was natural I'd want to make a site about him.

Lilahslash (with Faithtastic)
This dykiest of lawyers was always going to attract our attention with her sub-LA Law glamour and bitchy one-liners, and as we are both fond of slash this site was the predictable result.

The Little Church of Beverly (with Faithtastic)
Our first ever site, devoted to the memory of the One True Doctor and Russet Supreme Being, Beverly Crusher. It remains virtually unchanged four years after it was first uploaded, is quite, quite pointless yet we love it far too much to ever consider taking it down.

Which Fandom Archetype Are You?
My first and so far only quiz. Does exactly what it says on the tin.